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Welcome to my guide to setting up your own home soda fountain! I hope you find the information here useful in some form, or at least interesting. If you are just starting out, I highly recommend that you read The Guide first, then read the FAQ. Then, if you decide to build your own soda fountain, go back and read over The Guide again more carefully.

If you already have a home soda fountain, then please send me pictures and your story! I'd love to put you up in the examples section.


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Email is down. no longer works, because some tool is sourcing spam as coming from that address. This is why we can't have nice things.

News - Thursday May 15th

I have gotten several pictures from others who have undertaken similar projects. Check out the Examples page for the details.

Secondly, I will be going out of town for a little while soon, so no updates or responses to email while I am gone. I will respond eventually though.

Lastly, updated the section on the CO2 to warn people about suffocation, as was suggested to me by someone else. Always secure your tank and check for leaks.

News - Tues April 30th

Seems that Coke Classic was a big hit... already gotten another box. Apparently the ready availability of soda prompted the primary grocery shopper to stop buying cans at all and very little tea. This translated into much Coke consumption. But I expected that, so no biggie. Remember: We've got 5 people hanging around here plus lots of guests (every few days usually).

In other news, the local bottler still doesn't have Vanilla Coke. Some nonsense about no demand... well, first you need to offer the product, then have some campaigns to spread the word. THEN you can complain about lack of demand.

Regarding Ice: I have recently stopped adding Ice to my system and it seems to be working out. We have just been filling our cups with ice from the refrigerator. It does melt the ice faster, watering down the soda if you don't drink it. But this is an easy solution until I can find a used ice maker to put in my garage.

P.S. Giraffe beverages was unwilling to ship me just one box of syrup, but they put me in contact with their local distributor (after two weeks of waiting). After leaving several messages, the local distributor told me he'd see about getting a box of Cream Soda on their next order, and would call be back. He never did. Thanks for nothing, Giraffe Beverages and U.S. Beverage! After wrestling that particular horse for almost four weeks, I gave up which is why I was checking into vanilla coke instead. *sigh*

News - Tues March 25th

Well now I have four flavors installed and calibrated - Coke Classic, Dr Pepper, Diet Dr Pepper, and Root Beer. Now all I need is Cream Soda or Vanilla coke to round things out. I'd be tempted to get both, but I don't think we'd use all of the syrup quickly enough anyway... although during the summer, with all the guests around here, you never know.

Also, I trolled eBay some more and found some beverage pumps! I am going to be replacing my two faulty ones with two new ones for $20 each plus shipping. I'm shocked to have found them so cheaply, but there you have it.

Last but not least: Please share this site with friends/family! I want to make sure the information is available to anyone who wants it.

News - Thurs March 20th

I stopped by Coca-cola today, and wonder of wonders they had a box of Coke classic syrup sitting there waiting for me! So I guess they really did come through - just goes to show you, sometimes your local distributor really is the best choice for obtaining BIB syrup.

News - Wed March 19th part 2

Well, tomorrow is the "big day" so to speak. If the Coke people keep to their word, I will be purchasing a box of coke syrup tomorrow. Also, I have this lovely eye infection going on. The medicine makes it hard to see correctly (think about putting Vaseline in your eye). Anyway, the calibration has proven to be a raging success, as others now report Dr Pepper tastes like it is supposed to taste.

P.S. This site is now showing up in Google. Welcome to all the new folks who are getting here via their searches.

News - Wed March 19th, 2003

One of my valves sprang a leak! After shutting down the system and trying to repair the small pin-sized hole with epoxy, it still leaked. Then I got the exploded diagram of the head (valve) today from Hart & Price, and it showed that the retaining clips also turned cutoff valves! I simply turned the clips and the leak stopped. That fountain head will need to be replaced, but at least it isn't wasting soda water now. Also, I found out that Hart & Price sells new valves for as low as $90!

Just goes to show you - helps to have the manufacturer's instructions and information when working on your system. It also shows that prices can vary a LOT between manufacturers. (Bevcore - $175. Hart & Price - $90. That's a $85 difference, almost the price of another valve!)


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